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Hey, kids! The newest version Monkey Go Happy 4 Cool Math Games is unveiled here. Come on and keep helping your cute monkey and her babies right now. Definitely, you feel more excited than ever. Here we go!

The first thing is to choose a nice hat for the monkey mother. After that, take her to different places in the world and aid her to solve puzzles. Players need to be smart while finding hints to handle any issue. If they cannot complete their task, the monkey will be sad at all times. Sometimes, her babies are so naughty, and they can hide somewhere. At that time, try to help her find them as soon as you can. When she and her kids try to pass over the street, please stop everything on the road to take her to the safe place. Hope you may complete all puzzles and make you monkey happy.

Good luck to you on Monkey Go Happy 4 Cool Math Games!


Enjoy the game with the mouse only.

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Vehicles 3 Car Toons On Wheely 4 /games-like-wheely-4/vehicles-3-car-toons-on-wheely-4/ /games-like-wheely-4/vehicles-3-car-toons-on-wheely-4/#respond Tue, 20 Dec 2016 01:32:53 +0000 /games-like-wheely-4/vehicles-3-car-toons-on-wheely-4/

If you are a fan of the puzzle game, please don’t lose out on enjoying the third version Vehicles 3 Car Toons On Wheely 4. This game brings you lots of excitements and fantasies.

The main task is to think of best way to help a little boy escape from the quest of cops. In the game, players have to be smart to solve all situations well by taking their car out of the troubles and reach the finish line soon before getting caught by police officers. Along the way, they need to avoid obstacles, but smash and ram all evil forces’ vehicles to gain high scores. Never let anyone destroy your car, guys. Try your best to beat all enemies and complete challenging level. Once driving the car to the parking spot, the mission is accomplished. Enjoy the game now, guys!

Hope you have great moments with Vehicles 3 Car Toons!


The mouse is to play the game.

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Papas Cheeseria /other-games/papas-cheeseria/ /other-games/papas-cheeseria/#respond Mon, 19 Dec 2016 13:26:10 +0000 /other-games/papas-cheeseria/

Have you try all the cooking games of the Papa’s series? Let us present a new update; that’s, Papa’s Cheeseria! In this cooking and management game, you’ll continue supporting Papa to run his new restaurant!

As soon as stepping into the playing field, the players will automatically become a manager of a fresh and pretty store – this place is one of the Papa’s branches. By taking this role, you need to have responsibility for strengthening this business. Serve the best food to customers to earn lots of money. In the beginning, please take orders from the clients once they arrive at this place. Then, go to the Build Station to make sandwiches. Feel free to choose the suitable types of cheese, and then, add more other ingredients to the sandwiches (turkey, tomatoes, mustard, etc.). Visit the Grill Station to cook food, and finally, just deliver it to the customers for tips!

Visit the Papa’s Cheeseria restaurant and accept the job now! What can be more amazing than experiencing cool things here!


Avail the mouse to enjoy this game.

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Wheely 2 /wheely-4/wheely-2/ /wheely-4/wheely-2/#respond Mon, 19 Dec 2016 01:29:59 +0000 /wheely-2/ Have you ever enjoyed Wheely, guys? Hurry up to grab its newest version and start reveling in its fantasies and excitements now. This latest version – Wheely 2 brings you new innovations like more advanced background and graphics. Go and discover it now!

Wheely 2 And Its General Information

Wheely is a very exciting puzzle game inspired by Pegas Games and hosted by Wheely 4 Cool Maths Games. In the game, players will control a small red car. After completing the first level, a very pretty and sexy girl shows up and falls in love with the pink car. At that time, the players must interact with both of them to access to levels by clicking on buttons, items, toy vehicles, or wind chimes. Every level is rather different in how to finish it and make it stay fresh throughout.

The first time through Wheely 2 is surprisingly fun because you feel it looks like a child’s game, but it’s really fun as you start play it and keeps you being entertained throughout. With its 20 challenging levels, they make you excited.

Wheely 2 And Challenges

The challenges of Wheely 2 in Cool Math Games are little underwhelming. It’s actually more befitting the lever of children rather than teenagers or adults. No lever takes longer than 1 minute. You have to complete it in 60 seconds if you want to advance to another level. Try to drive the cars to the target soon and win the first place to gain good rewards. Solve matters and control them well without being crashed. Never hit any obstacle on the track and fall off holes, or the cars will slow down. Each level has a challenge and simplicity. You can beat some levels simply by interacting with objects. That is the nice thing you can enjoy in this second version although many other levels are usually different in some ways.

After winning the race, the players can easily pick up new machines and vehicles. Next, they continue next difficult stages ahead. The more they level up, the more issues they face. Be smart and clever to drive the car well. Wheely 2 gives you unique moments no small game can provide. As you know, there are lots of point and click puzzle games out there, but their levels are the same each other. That makes you bored. With Wheely 2, each level is extremely different from each other.


Control the car with the mouse only.

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Monkey Go Happy Treasure On Wheely 4 Cool Math /games-like-wheely-4/monkey-go-happy-treasure-on-wheely-4-cool-math/ /games-like-wheely-4/monkey-go-happy-treasure-on-wheely-4-cool-math/#respond Sun, 18 Dec 2016 13:46:59 +0000 /games-like-wheely-4/monkey-go-happy-treasure-on-wheely-4-cool-math/

Want to meet your cute monkey in Monkey Go Happy Treasure On Wheely 4 Cool Math, guys? It’s sure you really love this puzzle game. Hurry to play it and help your monkey happy once again while she is enjoying her adventure.

Look! You need to choose a nice hat for her. After that, go to different areas to aid her to solve puzzles well. Remember that this puzzle game is so complicated, so try to be patient to handle everything smoothly. Never let any stage make you confused and give up. If you are stuck, please press on the HINT button to call for the support. Try to find all treasures hidden somewhere soon and get a win. Once all things the monkey needs are found, she and her babies will be very happy. Hope you can help the monkey family have fun!

Enjoy Monkey Go Happy Treasure now!


The mouse is to play the game.

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2048 Battle Games /other-games/2048-battle-games/ /other-games/2048-battle-games/#respond Sun, 18 Dec 2016 01:29:59 +0000 /other-games/2048-battle-games/

Do you want to compete with the computer by using your wisdom to win battles? It’s sure that you will love 2048 Battle Games so much because this game can improve your intelligence. Come on and see how smart you are while battling against the computer.

Unlike other fighting games, players have to avail their talents and thoughts to make great tactics by moving numbers to right places on the playing field to push the enemy into the failure with no way to run. Often, this game’s rule is the same as the chess’ rule. If you have ever played the chess, nothing can be difficult for you. The more numbers you make them disappear from the board, the better score you get. Hope you win all battles and become the intelligent person.

Enjoy 2048 Battle Games now!


Move numbers with the mouse only.

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Wheely 3 /wheely-4/wheely-3/ /wheely-4/wheely-3/#respond Sat, 17 Dec 2016 13:23:51 +0000 /wheely-3/

If you are a fan of Wheely game, don’t miss Wheely 3 on wheely 4 cool maths games – a very new game on our gaming site. This third version will tell about Wheely’s romantic story. He is known as a romantic and passionate car and always brings the most terrific things for his lover (Ms. Pinky car). For the beginning, Wheely’s partner asks him to help her find the nicest wheels in the world. Of course, he doesn’t hesitate to carry out it for his beloved one. That’s why he starts out instantly. So, could he do it successfully? Is there anything dangerous waiting for him? Please jump into its chief screen and see what happens!

Gameplay of Wheely 3

Continue following the next part of this romantic story, all game lovers! After leaving, this car is caught by a secret force. That’s why players should appear instantly and help him get out of here right away. Please not leave him go alone anymore because there are still dangerous things on the road. Truly, it’s not tough to control the car. Just tap on him and then he will move forwards automatically. But, in some levels, the players need to remove all the obstacles on the road so that he can run easily. Therefore, please make the most of available buttons on the screen to take some supports or guide available objects to support the car.

For instance, in level 5, the players should avail a box and two circles to make a fake car to cheat the car’s enemies. Or in level 4, they need to be wise and calm to bring the car out of the enemies’ headquarters. Or in level 6, they need to think carefully to arrange pipes correctly for taking petrol. Or to move through a deep gap in level 7, the players need to take a firecracker and place it on the car so that it can fly through the gap. Or arrange boxes in a correct position to help a truck transport goods in level 8.

There are 12 levels in total, and the players need to accomplish all to help the car. Certainly, they should utilize their intelligence and keenness to solve each puzzle in each level. Don’t worry about the time, just play until accomplishing the 12 levels. Or in case that you want to play quickly, don’t mind consulting Walkthrough on YouTube. Be ready to relish Wheely 3? Come with us and hope you get more delights!


The mouse is the chief key to take control of this game.

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Bloons Tower Defense 4 /other-games/bloons-tower-defense-4/ /other-games/bloons-tower-defense-4/#respond Sat, 17 Dec 2016 01:22:18 +0000 /other-games/bloons-tower-defense-4/

Today is a great day and a great time to play Bloons Tower Defense 4, all folks. Another version of strategy game will challenge you with 60 stages. Be ready to participate? Come on now!

Players will receive 150 lives and $650 for free to overcome the 60 stages. Firstly, please choose a map and then set up some available weapons. Work out wisely in order to place the weapons ideally. After that, click on Start Round button to fight against hostile balloons. Keep in mind not letting any balloon come to the end of the road; otherwise, 1 life will be deducted. Understand? In addition, whenever finishing each stage, the game will unlock some new weapons or traps. Try to take advantage all of them to come to the final victory soon!

Hope you get more fun when relishing Bloons Tower Defense 4! Play instantly!


All are played with the mouse.

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Khan Kluay Kids War /other-games/khan-kluay-kids-war/ /other-games/khan-kluay-kids-war/#respond Fri, 16 Dec 2016 13:21:18 +0000 /other-games/khan-kluay-kids-war/

What’s special about Khan Kluay – Kids War? Visit there and get yourself dipped into a cool battle along with all the kids in a village! Take this awesome chance to control a troop of big elephants. Go ahead!

Once taking part in the game here, the players must hurry to assist the children on their side in preventing the enemies from crashing your territory. Also, don’t forget to send your elephant troops to the other side for destroying the opponents’ base. Sounds similar to other TD games, right? Be swift and clever to direct their animals to attack a remarkable number of rivals. When owning great income, don’t hesitate to call for more elephants in order to raze your rivals’ zone soon. Never let them reach your place successfully; otherwise, everything will be destructed terribly. Achieve the Target Score and set a record before running out of required time to gain a truthful victory.

Be fully-prepared? Jump into Khan Kluay Kids War and achieve a win! Much fun!


The main keys to activate this game are WASD or Arrow keys.

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Jelly Friend /other-games/jelly-friend/ /other-games/jelly-friend/#respond Fri, 16 Dec 2016 01:50:24 +0000 /other-games/jelly-friend/

Hey, kids! Do you love playing ‘match-3’ games? If yes, here comes a wonderful opportunity to relish Jelly Friend – an interesting and fun matching game featuring the colorful and magnetic theme.

Ready? Let’s get started! What’s the gameplay of this game? The players’ core task is – creating compatible matches to gain points. In here, you’ll be offered a full pack of challenging yet addictive levels. The key to obtain the glorious victory in every stage is – gaining the required number of points by connecting as many right matches as possible. All you must do is to link the tiles wisely in the grid to form a group of 2 or more same colored and same shaped blocks. How fascinating! Significantly, ‘moves’ are limited when you reach the advanced levels! Try to attain 3 gold stars in each round, ok?

If you skip playing Jelly Friend, you’ll regret later, surely. Don’t mind exploring it now to get full experience!


Do everything here with the mouse only.

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