Age Of War Cool Math Games

Become a leader and help a kingdom to protect their territory in Age Of War Cool Math Games right now, guys. You need to know that all enemies are so dangerous, so you have to be mischievous to kill them with no compassion. Ok, let’s go and start defending the kingdom.

First of all, please build a stable defense system around the base by placing towers and turrets. After that, send some world to fields to grow vegetables or fruits for earning more funds. Next, use that money to recruit a series of warriors, knights, and archers towards the enemy base. Try to defeat all advancing enemies and reach the target, guys. When the enemy base is destroyed, you win the battle. During the game, never let them reach your base, or you lose everything. After a stage, upgrade the defense system and weapons.

Good luck on Age Of War Cool Math Games, guys!


Use the mouse to control the battle.

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