Fish Eat Fish 3 Players

Have you played Fish Eat Fish 3 Players yet? If not, why don’t taking this chance to relish this awesome game? Will you survive while living under the ocean? Let’s prove your abilities to us!

What’s your crucial goal in this funny and dramatic game? As we mentioned above, you need to survive all the dangers at the bottom of the sea. Feel confident with the mission? Actually, this game requires you to have a good skill in controlling a little fish and help him grow up. How? He needs to swallow the smaller fishes and runs away the bigger ones. Bear in mind, players are asked to select the tiny fishes to eat first! If you try to eat the giant fishes, bad things might happen. Be careful and cautious! The longer you can survive in this world, the more scores you’ll accumulate.

Spend free time savoring the life-and-death combat in Fish Eat Fish 3 Players, fellows! Good luck!


Player 1: Move with WASD.
Player 2: Move with the arrow keys.
Player 3: Move with the left mouse.

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