Mighty Knight 2

Be hurried to play Mighty Knight 2 and rescue a kingdom from a huge attack of devils! Many people need your support and power, guys. Let’s give them your helpful hand as soon as possible!

Players will control a bold knight by giving him some necessary commands. Send him to a main battle and start guiding to him to attack dangerous enemies. Move carefully, dodge over the counter-attack, and use the sword to kill the enemies. The players should focus on the chief screen to give correct orders and protect the knight well. Whenever fighting, don’t forget to collect some useful things to enhance his fighting ability as well as his health. After completing each stage, please enter Shop to upgrade important skills for the knight or purchase useful weapons.

Well, there are further cool things in Mighty Knight 2 that you should discover soon. Hope you have more fun when enjoying this game!


Move: WASD.
Attack: J.
Avail skills: KL.
Alter the weapons: 1-4.

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