Running Fred Lite game

Run with Fred in Running Fred Lite game and help him save his life now, all guys! What dangerous things happened? Jump into its main screen and discover now!

Fred – a little boy – got lost in a big and dangerous cave when searching for a mysterious treasure. There are lots of ghosts and monsters chasing him. That’s why he needs to run as quickly as possible; otherwise, he will die under their horrible assault. Please concentrate on the screen and use available keys on the keyboard to instruct Fred to run, dodge over or jump obstacle cleverly. Keep in mind not let him touch anything to avoid stopping the game unexpectedly. Therefore, players need to have a very keen eye to determine the obstacles quickly and help him timely.

Attempt your best in Running Fred Lite game to save Fred as well as acquiring the best distance! Good luck!


The left, right arrow keys and spacebar are to guide Fred.

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