Wheely 2

Have you ever enjoyed Wheely, guys? Hurry up to grab its newest version and start reveling in its fantasies and excitements now. This latest version – Wheely 2 brings you new innovations like more advanced background and graphics. Go and discover it now!

Wheely 2 And Its General Information

Wheely is a very exciting puzzle game inspired by Pegas Games and hosted by Wheely 4 Cool Maths Games. In the game, players will control a small red car. After completing the first level, a very pretty and sexy girl shows up and falls in love with the pink car. At that time, the players must interact with both of them to access to levels by clicking on buttons, items, toy vehicles, or wind chimes. Every level is rather different in how to finish it and make it stay fresh throughout.

The first time through Wheely 2 is surprisingly fun because you feel it looks like a child’s game, but it’s really fun as you start play it and keeps you being entertained throughout. With its 20 challenging levels, they make you excited.

Wheely 2 And Challenges

The challenges of Wheely 2 in Cool Math Games are little underwhelming. It’s actually more befitting the lever of children rather than teenagers or adults. No lever takes longer than 1 minute. You have to complete it in 60 seconds if you want to advance to another level. Try to drive the cars to the target soon and win the first place to gain good rewards. Solve matters and control them well without being crashed. Never hit any obstacle on the track and fall off holes, or the cars will slow down. Each level has a challenge and simplicity. You can beat some levels simply by interacting with objects. That is the nice thing you can enjoy in this second version although many other levels are usually different in some ways.

After winning the race, the players can easily pick up new machines and vehicles. Next, they continue next difficult stages ahead. The more they level up, the more issues they face. Be smart and clever to drive the car well. Wheely 2 gives you unique moments no small game can provide. As you know, there are lots of point and click puzzle games out there, but their levels are the same each other. That makes you bored. With Wheely 2, each level is extremely different from each other.


Control the car with the mouse only.

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