Wheely 3

If you are a fan of Wheely game, don’t miss Wheely 3 on wheely 4 cool maths games – a very new game on our gaming site. This third version will tell about Wheely’s romantic story. He is known as a romantic and passionate car and always brings the most terrific things for his lover (Ms. Pinky car). For the beginning, Wheely’s partner asks him to help her find the nicest wheels in the world. Of course, he doesn’t hesitate to carry out it for his beloved one. That’s why he starts out instantly. So, could he do it successfully? Is there anything dangerous waiting for him? Please jump into its chief screen and see what happens!

Gameplay of Wheely 3

Continue following the next part of this romantic story, all game lovers! After leaving, this car is caught by a secret force. That’s why players should appear instantly and help him get out of here right away. Please not leave him go alone anymore because there are still dangerous things on the road. Truly, it’s not tough to control the car. Just tap on him and then he will move forwards automatically. But, in some levels, the players need to remove all the obstacles on the road so that he can run easily. Therefore, please make the most of available buttons on the screen to take some supports or guide available objects to support the car.

For instance, in level 5, the players should avail a box and two circles to make a fake car to cheat the car’s enemies. Or in level 4, they need to be wise and calm to bring the car out of the enemies’ headquarters. Or in level 6, they need to think carefully to arrange pipes correctly for taking petrol. Or to move through a deep gap in level 7, the players need to take a firecracker and place it on the car so that it can fly through the gap. Or arrange boxes in a correct position to help a truck transport goods in level 8.

There are 12 levels in total, and the players need to accomplish all to help the car. Certainly, they should utilize their intelligence and keenness to solve each puzzle in each level. Don’t worry about the time, just play until accomplishing the 12 levels. Or in case that you want to play quickly, don’t mind consulting Walkthrough on YouTube. Be ready to relish Wheely 3? Come with us and hope you get more delights!


The mouse is the chief key to take control of this game.

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