Hey, kids! Are you a fan of point and click puzzle games? Have you ever thought that while you drive your car, and you get stuck somewhere? At that time, what would you do to get over and move on? Let’s play Wheely at Wheely 4 Cool Maths Games to start solve that issue. It’s sure that you feel excited at its 15 challenging levels.

Wheely Background

Basically, Wheely is excellent and easy to play. Look at its background and graphics and you see they are pretty nice. All landscapes around the car are so impressive. That makes you feel like you are in that car and drive it around the city. In addition, players feel relaxed by listening to 2 interesting songs during the game. The menu is very simple, but effective, including changing languages, viewing credits, and turning on or off the sound effects and music. Is Wheely so easy for you, kids? Don’t worry anything more. Let’s start playing it now.

Wheely And Its Challenging Levels

The main task of the kids in Wheely is to get in the red car and start driving it around the beautiful city. However, they must find some ways to release their car from traps. It’s time for you to beat the simplest level. Look! He is getting trapped on a big truck. Hurry up to click on objects or buttons around to get him down on the ground. Perhaps, the kids need to press the red button to get out of the box, and then they will need the support from other cars to help them open next door. When the red car reaches the ground and runs in front of the truck as well as gets the target soon, the level 1 is complete.

Do you feel Wheely is easy to beat? Once you are good at controlling and driving, you can defeat simple levels. Nevertheless, there are many other ones difficult, and you have to avail your intelligence to bring your car on the ground safely. During the game, try to avoid hurting him. Try to complete each level well to receive good awards and high scores. After that, spend these rewards on upgrading the car or buying the new one.

In Wheely, the kids never feel bored because its levels are dramatically different from each other. No level is the same. It keeps you excited at all times until you finish all 15 levels. Take you time to enjoy it, kids!


Click on objects or buttons to move the car.

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